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Monday, 7 December 2009

Feeling sorry for myself

Well i had to go to the dentist again this morning. I am petrified of the dentist and was having really bad panic attacks yesterday and this morning. I had a filling and two, yes TWO teeth extracted (extracted - thats a very threatning word) My dentist is a lovely lady who is really good with nervous people.My hubby held my my hand throughout. Unfortunately i gripped it so hard i actually broke it..........kidding! I did grip it so hard that it went numb though.The anasthetic is wearing off and it's getting painful
The dentist said i cant do housework etc for today and maybe tomorrow. How will i cope! lol. I cant have anything hot to eat or drink which is a pain as it is very cold at the moment so of course all i want is a nice cup of tea and a hot meal :-(  Oh well at least i have food, which is more than a lot of other people have, so i will stop moaning now.
I tried to do a video last night but wasn't happy with it. Then i discovered that movie maker doesnt work properly on this computer anyway, which i am really fed up about.But hopefully my computer will be sorted out soon.
Well thats about it for now, take care my lovlies

Friday, 4 December 2009

Computer Trouble

Well i am feeling a bit glum at the moment. Have had a bad week due to severe panic attacks and my depression is getting worse. Will be changing medication soon, which is a long, drawn out (and scary) process. And to top it all off, my computer has stopped working. We cant get anyone to look at it till middle of next week so for the forseeable future i will be sharing a computer with my hubby. This wouldnt be so bad if the computer wasnt like something out of the last century. It is soooo slow and half the time doesnt work properly.Also my husband has to do a lot of university work on it. So i will have limited access to it,This means i wont be able to update my blog or upload videos on youtube as often as i would like too. Well i better go now as hubby needs to do some uni stuff. Take care guys and hopefully will be back soon

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Ok i know this look is a tad bright and unblended, but it was my entry for Unlimited Elizabeths Inspired by colour youtube contest. She wanted people to do a very colourful look. Now i love bright colours and glitter so i decided to incorperrate the two. I had a lot of fun doing this look, but it was about one in the morning and i was soooo tired when i did the video, so i looked & sounded half asleep

To see just how bright and super sparkly this look was just click on this link

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Please support victims of bullying

Bullies. Most of us will have known a bully at some point in our life.  Maybe they bullied us,a friend or family member.Or maybe we were the bully or hung around with them. Maybe it was verbal abuse, physical, mental emotional or a combination. Maybe the bullying  didn't last long - or it went on for months even years.It could even be happening right now. It could have happened at school,work,home.
Or on the internet.
Sadly cyber bullying is on the increase at an alarming rate, especially on youtube because you can be totally annoymous.Now i just want to emphasize that i'm not talking about someone who has a different opinion to you, or the odd nasty comment like 'you are fat' etc.Thats a hater comment and all gurus (even the top ones) get them. The best thing to do is block them and dont respond. I am talking about people who will not leave you alone. They leave constant abuse on your channel,videos and even private messages.I have experienced it on youtube. It was so bad i had to report them to youtube to remove their channel - which was dedicated to hating me (i am not exagerating) and encouraged others to hate me. To say i was upset is an understatement. I cried and nearly deleated my channel there and then. But my hubby was very supportive (and angry) and i decided to make a video about it instead, I had lots of lovely encouraging comments that helped me move on.
Lately i have been getting some abusive comments (and messages) again. So i did another video about it.
This time though, i was able to tell people about a new channel on youtube called beating the bully
This channel offers support to anyone being bullied. So i thought i'd blog about it too, in case anyone reading this is being bullied.
I just want to say thanks to everyone who has left encouraging comments on my channel, videos and messages in response to my video I do appreciate it and encourage you to support victims of bullying however you can.
Lecture over, my next post will be makeup related honest!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Dr Who I Love You

I know this has nothing to to with beauty but i don't care.I have just watched the latest Dr Who episode, whilst curled up on the sofa with a blanket. I looooove Dr Who and think David Tennant is the best Dr yet. I just don't think anyone will come close. He manages to express so much through his eyes, especially sadness. This particular episode was darker than normal - which i liked.It was also extremely sad. I mean heart breakingly sad, as we see him falling apart at the end of the episode. David's last appearance as the Dr will be sometime over Christmas (i think) and rumour has it that Rose,Martha, Donna, Sarah Jane & Captain Jack will be joining David on his last adventure, i hope it's true! I just wish he wasn't leaving. The thing that really sets him apart (this is just my opinion) is how he can switch from comedy to drama in a split second. Thats really hard to do. I
Well i'll leave it there for now.
Take care guys

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Prizes for my youtube 1000 subscribers contest

Hey everyone i hope you are all well and having a nice weekend. My neck and face are no longer swollen yay! so feel a bit more confident doing some Youtube videos (link to channel in top right hand corner of my blog) . I have just uploaded my 1000 subscriber youtube contest  and thought i'd give you a heads up on the prizes.There will be 3 winners.


Eden Palette - 4 layers 18 eyeshadows,1 lipcolour  & 2 blushers (i think they are more like eyeshadows)

W7 Box Of Fun - 2 eyeshadows in white and a soft brown + 3 sheer mini lipglosses. - sealed

Too Faced eyeshadow duo in PoodlePuff a soft pink with aubergine

Boots 17 Metallic Eye Pencil in Green - this looks more like blue to me!

NYC liquid lipstick in Jessica (sealed)
Boots 17 pink make up bag                   

Eden palette

Smashbox Duo Eyeshadow in Smashing Blend a soft pink & a; soft grey

W7 Box Of Tricks - 15 large eyeshadows (green, brown & purples)
4 large lip colours &; 3 HUGE blushers

Boots 17, 5 Piece  Brush Set
NYC Liquid Lipstick in Jessica
NYC Liquid Lipstick in Bari
(sorry about the bad photo quality )


Smashbox Eyeshadow Duo in Smashing Contour (soft cream & teal)

W7 Paint Box - 77 eyeshadows (browns,greens,blues &; greys)

Eden Palette

Jemma Kidd Palette
One cream highlighter, 2 pressed eyeshadows, 1 loose powder eyeshadow (ice blue & very shimmery) 1 lipgloss

Jemma Kidd 4 Piece Travel Brush Set
2 Rimmel London lipglosses (sorry no picture)

If you like the look of the prizes and want to enter just click on this link
Take care

Sunday, 1 November 2009

And The Winner Is........

Congratulations Charly, you have won my first ever blog giveaway yay! So i just need your address and i will post your prize tomorrow. Sorry to those who didn't win.Don't be too sad, i'll be having another one soon. Also i will be opening my 1000 subscriber contest on youtube very soon Take care and thanks to everyone who entered

Saturday, 31 October 2009

I'm being brainwashed byThe X Factor!

Well i have been feeling ill and fed up all day. I really wanted to do some make up videos but my neck and face is still swollen so that was a no-go.
 Anyway, as usual i settled down to watch The X Factor. Now i have a love/hate relationship with this show. I often spend the entire show moaning to my husband (who is soooooo not interested) yet i still watch it! Tonight was 'rock night' and i cant say i was impressed by any of them in particular (what the heck was Cheryl wearing?)
Then at the very end, John & Edward came on.
 This is where the brainwashing happens, because i do think they should never have got through to the finals.However, i kinda look forward to seeing what they are going to come up with (at least they go for it, instead of just walking up and down or just standing there) Tonight they looked like extras from the teenage version of The Matrix, with some very dodgy eyeliner on. They sung a Queen song 'We Will Rock You'. Now i'm not a huge Queen fan, but even i thought this was not a good song choice. They sang some bits out of tune, missed out some of the words. So why oh why did i enjoy it? The only conclusion i can come up with is  The X Factor has found a way to mess with my mind (as if it's not messed up enough already) So i will no doubt be watching the result show tomorrow, screaming at the tv if they get through again. Then next Saturday i will sit there glued to the tv saying - oh John and Edward were quite good tonight.....and the cycle will continue..........

Friday, 30 October 2009

Feeling Blue

I am feeling very fed up and sorry for myself as i write this. I went to the doctors and dentist yesterday, to find the cause of my swollen neck and face.Turns out i have an infected tooth, which is causing the swelling (not to mention the agony when i try and swallow) so am on antibiotics and have to go back next Friday. I have to say my dentist is a lovely lady who is very understanding about my panic attacks and fear of dentists.

Anyway, i really want to do some videos for my youtube channel but am a bit self consious of the swelling.There's one video in particular i want to do.It's a contest celebrating getting 1000 subscribers yay!!!!!!. It's not a huge contest as i have bought everything myself and will be paying for the shipping (which could be very expensive as it will be an international contest)) but the prizes are nice. I am hoping to add another couple of bits but that depends on money.

I have re-launched the Migi Nail Art contest on youtube. The rules are less restrictive, so you don't have to own a  migi nail art pen to enter now. So if any lovely people want to enter here is the link.
Well thats it for now, will probably do another post later.
Take care people

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Ow, that hurts

I am in absolute agony at the minute. Why? Because the other day a chunk came out of my tooth!!! It had been playing up for a few days, but as i am petrified of dentists, i was hoping it would sort itself out. BIG MISTAKE!!! Now it is extremly painful when i swallow as my glands have swollen. Am hoping to get an appointment asap. Hubby has just gone to pick up some strong painkillers, then it's off to the factory shop and maybe Boots to cheer myself up with some goodies. Before i go, one quick question Are you afraid of dentists?

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Hey everyone it's giveawayt time, yay! This is my first ever blog contest which is pretty exciting (for me anyway) The prize is this fabulous W7 Box of Tricks. (the box is slightly scratched but thats how it was in the shop)

You get 15 large eyeshadows in varyiing shades of green, purple and browns. These shadows are well pigmented and really easy to use and blend.You can create neutral day looks, smokey evening looks or soft muted day looks.

You also get 4 large lip colours and 3 HUGE blushers

I have had my box of tricks for ages and really love it.
To enter you have to,
1) Follow my blog                                                        
2) Post a link on your blog mentioning my giveaway
3) Just leave a comment telling me you entered and leave a link to your blog
4) Only one entry per person
5) This is open internationally
The giveaway will end on 31.10.09 at 11.59 GMT
All entries names will be put into a hat and my husband will pick the winner

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Would you buy used make up?

I don't know about you, but when i was a teenager me and my friends shared our make up all the time, including eye liner, (which we used on our waterlines) and mascara. But as i've gotten older, i've become much more aware of the risk of getting eye infections and spreading bacteria etc if you do share make up.

Many gurus on youtube stress the importance of good hygiene and use hand sanitiser if applying products with their fingers.Any good make up artist will tell you how vital it is to clean your brushes regularly . They also use disposable brushes when working on more than one client at a time. So i was very surprised to see some of these same people selling USED make up!

Is it just me (and my hubby) who finds this a bit icky? I mean think about it, would you go into Boots etc and delibratly buy all the testers? Testers that may have been swatched on 20 peoples (possibly dirty) hands, or on lips that may have a coldsore? No you wouldnt (i hope) But would you be interested if i said i was selling some make up that had just been 'tested', 'swatched' or 'lightly used'? Because to me theres no difference.

 For instance i may say i have a concealer that has just been swatched, i.e i've put some on my hand. But what if my hands were dirty at the time. Or if i had actually tested it on a spot.If it has a sponge tip applicator whatever bacteria it came ito contact with, goes straight into the rest of the concealer. Next time it's used, the bacteria will be spread. If it's a pan concealer & i used my finger or dirty brush, to apply it on a spot, then put my finger back into the concealer - same thing happens.

As for something being 'lightly used' - what exactly does that mean? It could have been used ten times on ten different people, or 20 times on one person. But even if it was only used once, that one person could have had an eye or skin infection.If they used a dirty brush, sponge etc, it could have spread bacteria in the product.

Now i don't mean to insult anyone who has bought, or sold, used make up, I just want to open up this subject to discussion, because i have had numerous request to send or sell my used make up to some of my teenager youtube subscribers and i dont think they have even thought about hygeine. If you have any tips for sanatising used  make up please let me know.Once again i dont mean to offend anybody and am deeply sorry if i have.xx

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Boots Haul

Oh dear, i've done it again! Yes i have bought more make up when i clearly do not need it! I blame Boots and there 3 for 2 offer! Yesterday i managed to get to Boots.and spent a happy hour or so browsing. I haven't been in there for ages so had a good look around. Surprisingly there wasn't much i wanted. I got  three beautiful Bourjois eye liners.I created this look with them Along the upper lashline is Contour Clubbing Waterproof  in no: 46 bleur neon. Above that, and along the waterline, is 45 bleu remix (my favourite). These are both crayon types and glide on smoothly and give good colour pay off. Along the lower lashline is their Khol & Contour pencil in 19 blue surprenant. This didnt go on as smooth and the colour payoff wasn't as good.

I bought a Rimmel Renew and Lift foundation and powder. I love the powder, but need to wear the foundation for a few days before i can give a verdict on it. I also got a Collection 2000 concealer,Rimmel 60 Second nail varnish in Pulsating (photo below)

A Collection 2000 Glam Crystals in  Dig It a gorgous gold and black glitter liner- very rock chick.
I fell in love with a No 7 eyeshadow palette. For the record, i am not usually a  No 7 fan. I think they are over rated and over priced. So i was very surprised when i found this. The colours were so shimmery and beautiful. And it was free.........IF you bought a certan mascara - which was £11. I'll be honest, i didnt want the mascara really. My hubby said -'would you pay £11 for the palette?' My answer was yes, so i got it.

But my favourite item is this gorgeous make up collection by Front Cover. You get 15 baked (dome) eyeshadows and 5 pressed ones. You also get 4 mini glitter gels a double ended brush and  a liquid that transforms eyeshadows into eyeliners (to be truthful a damp brush does the same thing just as well)

Now i haven't heard of them before but they had some nice looking kits in Boots. My husband spotted this gem and bought it for me as a present which was so sweet of him. I played with it as soon as i got home and came up with this look.

The colour was much richer in real life. I used the green from the kit all over the lid, taking it above my crease. Then i applied a Smashbox deep green shadow with gold flecks on the outer corner of the lid and crease.This created a really gorgeous smokey eye.
Well i think i've rambled on long enough. Just one  question. What beauty bargins have you got recently?

Monday, 5 October 2009

Coming Soon

I wore this look in a video a while ago, and had so many requests that i did a tutorial for it. Unfortunately, i managed to delete it before i uploaded it! But the photos came out great (i use a different camera for photos) so thought i'd show you some. The colours are much richer in real life and very glittery Let me know if you would like a picture tutorial for this look, here on my blog. I hope to post the video tutorial on youtube in the next few days

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Make Up Inspiration

Hey guys, hope you are well. At the moment i am feeling ill, and about to go to bed. But thought i would blog about a lady whose make up really inspires me. She was involved with the British punk scene in the late 1970s-mid 1980s.She became known, not just for her music, but also for her striking make up (and hair) Her name is Toyah (Wilcox).
Nowdays we are used to seeing most (not all) females in the music industry styled much the same way.Very little (or tight - or both)clothes, overtly sexual (this applies to their dancing too). I personally feel their 'look' is aimed at men. To be honest, i find it all a bit dull. It also reinforces the idea that you have to look and act a certain way if you're female & want to be successful.
But back then the music industry was different because stylists werent used.This meant people dressed how they wanted. Toyah is a perfect example of this. She expressed herself, not just through her music, but also her make up, hair and clothes. Her looks were her own and i dont think she tried to be 'sexy'  to sell her music.Everytime i look at the following pictures, i become mesmirised by the creativity and dramatic impact of the looks.


Even now Toyah still experiments with different looks for videos or when performing.

Here she is with a more 'conventional' look

 I am really glad to say that Toyah is still recording music, as well as acting. She looks and sounds just as good as she did 20+ years ago. Now in her 50s all i can say is Go Toyah!!!!!!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Factory Shop Haul - Goodies Galore

Hello ladies, hope you are all well. Just thought i would tell you about some fab make up i bought today from my favourite place for finding great make up, very cheap. The Factory Shop. Now just in case you don't know what the factory shop is, i'll tell you. It's basically a discount shop. They sell clothes, shoes,dvds cds hair appliances, houseware and of course MAKE UP!!!!!!!! i have gotten sooooo many fab bargains from there. In fact i would say 80% of my make up comes from there! Now i'm going to be honest (as always) They dont update their stock as regularly as some placses. So personally i don't think it's worth going there every weekl (unless you live nearby - we dont)  Also sometimes there is just a load of  rubbish. However, you can find some fab brands. Rimmel London, Urban Decay, Bourjois, Maybelline Calvin Kline, Revlon, Max Factor, W7 and lots more. But i never thought i'd see Jemma Kidd stuff in there  Yes thats right JEMMA KIDD.!!!!!! I couldn't believe it (top end brand much loved by Pixiwoo) Today i got a Midnight Jewels palette (picture below) for £5,

Face wipes for £1 (15 in a pack)

and  this lovely little wallet with 4 brushes. They have small handles but the brush heads are full size (cant remember how much)  So i got some for me and 1 of each for my youtube contest.

I also got 2 W7  77 Paintboxs for £6 each. I already own one(got it ages ago) so why did i buy them - for competitions of course! .  I also got 2 W7 Box Of Tricks for £4 each. and this mini W7 kit that had 2 eyeshadows and 3 mini lipglosses for

again i got them for future prizes.I also bought myself a couple of necklaces £6 the pair, a gorgrous bag  and cute earrings oh and two watches. I will post pictures, my camera 's batteries were dying so need to re charge them. Well thats it for now Take care everyone

Monday, 28 September 2009

I'm watching Make Me A Supermodel US i looooooove it. They are down to 4 contestants and theres only one girl left. But i think Sandhurst or Jonathan should win. They seem nice blokes and make me laugh. Then it's Americas Next Top Model. Yes it's cycle 12 and i am still hooked on it. I love seeing how photoshoots are put together and what make up/clothes they are wearing.Tonight is the best episode of every season - the make overs. Oh i do love seeing what crazy hairstyles Tyra has decided each girl should have . Lets face it - sometimes she really gets it wrong. Some of the girls reactions are priceless. I can understand getting your waist length hair chopped off into a Halle Berry crop could be a bit of an unpleasant shock. But crying hysterically for ages sobbing 'i miss my hair' ' i look like a boy' i mean c'mon! They are having their hair done for free by top hairdressers (if there are any top hairdressers reading this who would like to  give me a free haircut, please get in touch) They want to be successful models, a job that requires them  to be versitile, a chameleon. This means changing hairstyles, hair colour etc again and again. The show is in it's 12th series (13 in USA) so these girls know what to expect when makeover time comes. I do think they sometimes dont appreciate the opportunities they are given.I bet there are a lot of models out there who have sacrificed alot, worked hard and struggle to get work, and then these girls come along get all these photoshoots, work with people who are the at the top of the industry and moan about it. (as well as living rent free in a luxury house)
Well thats it for now. Take care people

Sunday, 27 September 2009


Hi guys this is just to let you know i will be holding a make up competition on you tube within the next week There will be 3 winners and the prizes will include products from Jemma Kidd, Rimmel London, Boots 17, Revlon and more.I will post the rules etc and a link to the competition video here as soon as i start the contest.
Speaking of contests here are links to 2 great giveaways on here, that i have entered, so go check them out if you can
Take care people

Smashbox Haul

Hi guys hope you are all ok. I thought i'd just show you the Smashbox goodies i got from last week. This website stocks quite a few different brands (most of which i haven't heard of). It also has the largest and most upto date range of Smashbox products i am aware of (in the UK). Even better they have a sale on at the moment, which is why i snapped these bargins up. As you can see they came in a lovely bag (as always) which always makes me feel special.You also get a  free sample sachet, in this case i got a Smashbox photo finish primer - which i love. So let me show you what i bought


and Modella (below)

Are these cute or what?! I have only tried the Modella one and have to say i was a bit dissapointed because the colours are much more subtle on, than they look in the quad.They are pretty though and quite shimmery.
I bought them as a set for under £11, but you can buy them seperately.


                                                    Rainforest Trio,

These eyeshadows (and the box) are beautiful. Especially the green. They blend easily and are well pigmented. The browns are perfect for a smokey eye or pair the green with the lighter brown for a fresh funky look. I'm sorry i forgot to do swatches, will try to do some and add them here later. I will be doing tutorials with all of these products on my youtube channe
Last, but by no means least, we have the Muse Artist Eye Palette.

This palette has 10 rich shadows, arranged in co-ordinating pairs,but are versatile enough to mix and match to your hearts content. Green and purple is an unusual, but oh so pretty combination. The brush is lovely and quite large.I would use it to apply a base colour from lashline to brow, as it's too large to blend with or for precision work (in my opinion).

If you spend over £35 you get a free gift. The gift changes every few weeks i got a Smashbox lip crayon in Best Actress (you can pick from 4 shades) which is a sort of peachy neutral shade.
If you want me to post picture tutorials with any of these products, or if you have a request just leave a comment. Thats it for now, like  i said i will do some swatches and add them to this post. Also, i will do a video hual on youtube featuring these products, and will post the link in this entry too.
Well thats it for now, take care xxx