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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Smashbox Haul

Hi guys hope you are all ok. I thought i'd just show you the Smashbox goodies i got from last week. This website stocks quite a few different brands (most of which i haven't heard of). It also has the largest and most upto date range of Smashbox products i am aware of (in the UK). Even better they have a sale on at the moment, which is why i snapped these bargins up. As you can see they came in a lovely bag (as always) which always makes me feel special.You also get a  free sample sachet, in this case i got a Smashbox photo finish primer - which i love. So let me show you what i bought


and Modella (below)

Are these cute or what?! I have only tried the Modella one and have to say i was a bit dissapointed because the colours are much more subtle on, than they look in the quad.They are pretty though and quite shimmery.
I bought them as a set for under £11, but you can buy them seperately.


                                                    Rainforest Trio,

These eyeshadows (and the box) are beautiful. Especially the green. They blend easily and are well pigmented. The browns are perfect for a smokey eye or pair the green with the lighter brown for a fresh funky look. I'm sorry i forgot to do swatches, will try to do some and add them here later. I will be doing tutorials with all of these products on my youtube channe
Last, but by no means least, we have the Muse Artist Eye Palette.

This palette has 10 rich shadows, arranged in co-ordinating pairs,but are versatile enough to mix and match to your hearts content. Green and purple is an unusual, but oh so pretty combination. The brush is lovely and quite large.I would use it to apply a base colour from lashline to brow, as it's too large to blend with or for precision work (in my opinion).

If you spend over £35 you get a free gift. The gift changes every few weeks i got a Smashbox lip crayon in Best Actress (you can pick from 4 shades) which is a sort of peachy neutral shade.
If you want me to post picture tutorials with any of these products, or if you have a request just leave a comment. Thats it for now, like  i said i will do some swatches and add them to this post. Also, i will do a video hual on youtube featuring these products, and will post the link in this entry too.
Well thats it for now, take care xxx

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