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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Boots 17 Candy Collection Nail Polish Review

Boots 17 has just added The Candy Collection to their Lasting Fix range of Nail Polishes and i think these 3 colours (there are more) are perfect for the Spring. From left to right we have
Mint Choc Chip - the most gorgeous pastel green (with a touch of blue?) and my favourite of the 3
Fairy Cake - A really pretty girlie mid pink that isn't too pale but isn't too bright either  
Lemon Sherbet - This really does look like Lemon Sherbet! Yummy! But the colour does change slightly the more coats you use
Here's what they look like on (apologises for blurry photos).
Mint Choc Chip

Fairy Cake

Lemon Sherbet

So the colours are gorgeous but what about the actual nail polishes themselves? 

I needed to apply 2-3 thin coats of each colour,  as the first coat went on very unevenly - lots of streaks The second coat was usually enough to even out the coverage, but sometimes i needed a third.(you could try one thick coat but it takes ages to dry)   This leads me to the two bug bears i have with this product
1) The Brush: it's like a really cheap paintbrush that leaves streaks all over your wall. I find the bristles stick together and don't really spread out over the nails, and sometimes shed (only the odd bristle here and there, but most annoying) Overall, I really hate the brush
2) The size of the Product: You get 8mls for £2.99. Yes it's cheap, but it's not a lot of product and if you use 2-3 coats each time, you could go through these very quickly. But it's a great size  for travelling or if you never wear the same colour twice in a row
 Although i kept forgetting to put on a topcoat, the polish had a very slight shine to it, which i quite liked. 
It also does what it claims to do. It lasts for UP TO 5 days. I'm on day 5 and have 3 nails that haven't chipped at all, some have but only slightly (easily touched up) and only one that chipped badly. With a good topcoat it could last even longer. I should emphasise i applied thin coats and made sure each was dry before applying another one.

To sum up then, i think these are gorgeous colours which are perfect for the spring. Although the polish does go on unevenly, with 2-3 coats you get really good coverage, with a slight shine, that lasts for UP TO 5 days without chipping.and i would definitely recommend them.


I bought these products myself, and have not been paid to review them.
Please bear in mind the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine alone and  your experience with these products may be very different.  

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Quick hello

Hey guys just wanted to let you know about this great giveaway i came across, so be sure to check it out at
 also to let you know i will be posting lots of reviews here in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled
I will be posting 2 or 3 reviews as well as an update regarding my depression on youtube over the next few days.The videos are filmed, I am just finding it hard to edit them (it takes soooooo long) but want them up a.s.a.p
Thats it for now guys.
Take care and keep smiling
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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Face Of The Day - Daytime Smokey Eyes

This is the look i wore yesterday  when i went to get my hair coloured. I wanted a neutral look that would work with the red & darker brown i was having put it (which doesn't show in pictures but looks sooo nice in real life)
 I used the day smoke colpors from the Too Faced Smokey Eyes Palette,but didn't follow the instructions, just did my own thing. I absouletly looove this look and will be doing a tutorial for it - it's super quick and easy.  Hope you like it, it's one i'm going to be wearing a lot more often. The pictures were taken before i had my hair done.I took some pictures afterwards but the colours didn't show up:( so will try to take some more and post them tomorrow. 
Thanks to everyone following my blog i really appreciate your support :) 
Take care peeps

Products used: 
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in No 51 Light Vanilla                                          
Bourjouis  Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer in No 51 Light Radiance 
Maybelinne Dream Matte Powder in Ivory
 Smashbox Brow Tech in Brunette (brows)
Too Faced Smoky Eyes Collection (Day Smoke)
Cream from lashline to  brow, Fawn on inner half of lid and crease, Bronze on outer half of lid and crease, blended together. Bronze applied with liner brush, on outer half of upper and lower lashline
Boots Natural Collection Lash build mascara in brown/black
Chitchat bronzing pearls (no colour description)
Boots 17 Blush & Glow in Peaches & Cream
Lancome Colour Fever Lipstick in Beige Loo (later switched to Rimmel London Stay Glossy lip gloss in All Day Seduction)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bold Blue Eyes for Summer

This is a look i came up with while playing with my new Sleek palettes - which i am loving! Expect a tutorial soon :)

 Next blog will be a review of the Sleek Sunset Palette and i will also be showing you my new hair - i'm having it coloured a darker brown with a little bit of red worked through it. First time i've had my hair coloured for about 10yrs yikes!

Monday, 22 March 2010

I'm on twitter!

I've finally caved and joined twitter and would love you to follow me so heres the link  expect tweets on make up bargains, hauls and how my depression and anxiety are affecting me through the day.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

New name - same channel

 Hi ladies hope you are all well. Some of you may be wondering why i have changed the name of my blog. Basically it's because i wanted my youtube channel and blog to have the same title - to make it easier for people to remember and find me. When i first started my blog i wasn't able to have the name, so choose My Bargain Beauty Blog instead. But to be honest i was never entirety happy with it. So i am sooooo glad i can finally use Me and My Make Up. But let me know what you guys think

Friday, 19 March 2010

Guess which beauty guru i met yesterday?

Well after my shopping spree (see previous post) me and my hubby went to grab a bit of lunch. Now this was a major achievement as we haven't been able to have a meal out (due to panic attacks) for  2-3 years. But i'd had my hair done and was feeling quite good. so we decided to take advantage of it and popped in Costa Coffee. No sooner had we sat down with our lunch,did i  notice a rather familiar face heading towards the next table. After a few surreptitious glances, just to be sure (during which my husband thought i'd lost the plot)  i finally managed to pluck up the courage to say hello to the lovely, professional make up artist, youtube beauty guru and blogger ( also  a model in some of Pixiwoo's tutorials) TANYA BURR aka PIXI2WOO.)  It was slightly surreal to say the least and although i kept the conversation brief (i didn't want to intrude on her lunch) i am pleased to say she seemed just as lovely in person as she does in her videos.And just as pretty. I must admit i did sit there thinking 'what does my make up look like, is my eyeliner half way down my face etc lol.
So next time you are out and about, just keep your eyes peeled.You never know you just may spot one of your favourite gurus

Make Up Hual

Hello you gorgeous lot, i hope you are all well.Yesterday i managed to get to Superdrug and did some serious  make up shopping I have done a haul video here's the link . So i'll just run through all the products , in the order of the photos below (am i the only one who cant get their photos set out how they want)

Gosh Primer
Rimmel London Perfect Match concealer in Ivory
Sleek eyeshadow palettes in  Sunset and Acid
Saffron 12 eyeshadow palette
Collection 2000 Poptastic palette
The lushious L.E Sleek Bohemian Palette (notice the gorgeous artwork, and that the palette is white, not the usual black)
Collection 2000 Angelic palette
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals in Pizzazz
I also got 2 Sleek liquid liners (forgot to take photos - sorry) in Gold  and Pastel Green (pastels are huge trends for spring/summer 2010)

I also got some gorgeous earrings and hair accessories, and today i got some new nail varnishes all of which i will share with you in another post. I will be reviewing most of these products over the next few weeks, first up will be the Sleek Bohemian palette
 Hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know what you'd like to see on my blog, i really want your input.
Till next time ladies xxx

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Face Of The Day

Hello Ladies, hope you are all well.This is a look i came up with yesterday for a tutorial using Urban Decays Book Of Shadows. I love browns and greens together and the peachy gold tones under the brows really bring it all together and add some warmth. I am editing the tutorial at the moment, as soon as it's done i will post it here. Hope you like it, let me know what you think

Bourjouis Healthy Mix Foundation - Light Vanilla
Boots Natural Collection Cream Concealer (lightest one)
Maybelline Dream Matt Powder - Ivory

Urban Decay Book of Shadows - Shakedown on lid
Urban Decay Book of Shadows - Protest on lash line
Urban Decay Book of Shadows - Smog on crease
Urban Decay Book of Shadows - Scandal above Smog, blended up to brows
Too Faced First Base - under brows and around tear duct and inner half of lower lash line
Rimmel London Twist N LIne eyeliner (green)
Boots 17 Va Va Vroom mascara - black

Chitchat Bronzing Pearls
Boots 17 Blush and Glow - Peaches and Cream

Lancome  Colour Fever Lipstick - Beige Loo
Too Faced Diamond LIpgloss - White

Monday, 15 February 2010

Face Of The Day

Hi ladies, hope you all had a lovely weekend. I have been trying to do some videos over the weekend but am having huge lighting issues - so have ordered some daylight bulbs, which i really hope will improve the quality of my videos.  I am also busy trying to edit a picture tutorial for you, which hopefully will be up soon.
Anyway here's my FOTD (actually it's from last week), it's a soft pretty look thats perfect for a date in the daytime, or if you just want to feel a bit girlie.

Covergirl Advanced Radiance Foundation in 115 Natural Ivory
Boots Natural Collection Loose Powder in Cool Translucent
Almay Intense i Colour  Trio For Hazels (i think the label came off it's 3 purple shades)
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara
Astor 3 Tone Blush in 001 Pink
Boots 17 Ultimate Volume Lipgloss in Barely Rose
Take care and keep smiling :-)

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Pure Nail Varnish Review

Hello my lovelies, hope you are all well. I haven't been up to doing any videos lately so thought i would do a review here instead. I picked up these gorgeous nail varnishes  from the Factory Shop about a month ago. I'd never heard of Pure before but  fell in love with the colours and they were all only £1 each! , The shades are Bright Green and Bright Pink. (Personally  i don't think they are very bright, but hey that's just me) both are shot through with gold.

I'm wearing the green at the moment and love it. The brush covered most of my nail and gave an even finish. I could have got away with one coat but did two for a deeper colour. The first coat dried very quickly, the second took a bit longer but was still pretty quick.. The finish had a very slight sheen, not at all glossy, which was a bit disappointing as i love glossy nails. But thats soon remedied by using a glossy topcoat.  I wore the pink one (sorry i deleted the photo doh!) without a topcoat , and it didn't chip for 3 days which i was impressed with.

You get 12ml of product - here's a size comparison with some drugstore  nail varnish 

The Barry M on the left is 10ml, the Rimmel 60 second is 8ml  and the  Rimmel Maxx (pale pink on right) is 
As i said I hadn't heard of them before but i do know that Boots website are selling some Pure products at half price at the moment (i have no idea if Boots stores sell them) The nail varnish was £6.36 but is now £3.18 which i think is quite reasonable for the size. But i'm going back to The Factory Shop next week and hope to pick up some more for £1. Hope you enjoyed this, will be back with another review very soon. Till then take care

Friday, 15 January 2010

First post of 2010 - finally!

Hello my lovelies, i hope you are all well and enjoying 2010. I do apologise for not posting anything for ages. My depression is bad at the moment and am currently in the process of changing medication - a long and difficult process. So my motivation to do anything is almost none existent.
 But enough of that, i have bought a few things since my last post and will be telling you all about them very soon. I will also be doing some in depth reviews of  drug store foundations, mascaras eye shadows, lip glosses and nail varnish. I will try and swatch products, but for some reason my camera is playing up so they may be a bit blurry.
Well that's it for now as i am about to go do a video for youtube and take some pictures for my next blog post - hopefully tonight
Till then, byeeeeeeeeeeee