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Friday, 30 October 2009

Feeling Blue

I am feeling very fed up and sorry for myself as i write this. I went to the doctors and dentist yesterday, to find the cause of my swollen neck and face.Turns out i have an infected tooth, which is causing the swelling (not to mention the agony when i try and swallow) so am on antibiotics and have to go back next Friday. I have to say my dentist is a lovely lady who is very understanding about my panic attacks and fear of dentists.

Anyway, i really want to do some videos for my youtube channel but am a bit self consious of the swelling.There's one video in particular i want to do.It's a contest celebrating getting 1000 subscribers yay!!!!!!. It's not a huge contest as i have bought everything myself and will be paying for the shipping (which could be very expensive as it will be an international contest)) but the prizes are nice. I am hoping to add another couple of bits but that depends on money.

I have re-launched the Migi Nail Art contest on youtube. The rules are less restrictive, so you don't have to own a  migi nail art pen to enter now. So if any lovely people want to enter here is the link.
Well thats it for now, will probably do another post later.
Take care people

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