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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Pure Nail Varnish Review

Hello my lovelies, hope you are all well. I haven't been up to doing any videos lately so thought i would do a review here instead. I picked up these gorgeous nail varnishes  from the Factory Shop about a month ago. I'd never heard of Pure before but  fell in love with the colours and they were all only £1 each! , The shades are Bright Green and Bright Pink. (Personally  i don't think they are very bright, but hey that's just me) both are shot through with gold.

I'm wearing the green at the moment and love it. The brush covered most of my nail and gave an even finish. I could have got away with one coat but did two for a deeper colour. The first coat dried very quickly, the second took a bit longer but was still pretty quick.. The finish had a very slight sheen, not at all glossy, which was a bit disappointing as i love glossy nails. But thats soon remedied by using a glossy topcoat.  I wore the pink one (sorry i deleted the photo doh!) without a topcoat , and it didn't chip for 3 days which i was impressed with.

You get 12ml of product - here's a size comparison with some drugstore  nail varnish 

The Barry M on the left is 10ml, the Rimmel 60 second is 8ml  and the  Rimmel Maxx (pale pink on right) is 
As i said I hadn't heard of them before but i do know that Boots website are selling some Pure products at half price at the moment (i have no idea if Boots stores sell them) The nail varnish was £6.36 but is now £3.18 which i think is quite reasonable for the size. But i'm going back to The Factory Shop next week and hope to pick up some more for £1. Hope you enjoyed this, will be back with another review very soon. Till then take care