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Saturday, 31 October 2009

I'm being brainwashed byThe X Factor!

Well i have been feeling ill and fed up all day. I really wanted to do some make up videos but my neck and face is still swollen so that was a no-go.
 Anyway, as usual i settled down to watch The X Factor. Now i have a love/hate relationship with this show. I often spend the entire show moaning to my husband (who is soooooo not interested) yet i still watch it! Tonight was 'rock night' and i cant say i was impressed by any of them in particular (what the heck was Cheryl wearing?)
Then at the very end, John & Edward came on.
 This is where the brainwashing happens, because i do think they should never have got through to the finals.However, i kinda look forward to seeing what they are going to come up with (at least they go for it, instead of just walking up and down or just standing there) Tonight they looked like extras from the teenage version of The Matrix, with some very dodgy eyeliner on. They sung a Queen song 'We Will Rock You'. Now i'm not a huge Queen fan, but even i thought this was not a good song choice. They sang some bits out of tune, missed out some of the words. So why oh why did i enjoy it? The only conclusion i can come up with is  The X Factor has found a way to mess with my mind (as if it's not messed up enough already) So i will no doubt be watching the result show tomorrow, screaming at the tv if they get through again. Then next Saturday i will sit there glued to the tv saying - oh John and Edward were quite good tonight.....and the cycle will continue..........


  1. Haha I totally agree with you on this ;p

    I really was not feeling Cheryl's dress at all, however I did find it funny when Simon told her to sit up because he could see down it.


  2. That was funny, especially when she realised what he meant ha ha, i would have died with embarassment - or hit him for looking!