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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Boots 17 Candy Collection Nail Polish Review

Boots 17 has just added The Candy Collection to their Lasting Fix range of Nail Polishes and i think these 3 colours (there are more) are perfect for the Spring. From left to right we have
Mint Choc Chip - the most gorgeous pastel green (with a touch of blue?) and my favourite of the 3
Fairy Cake - A really pretty girlie mid pink that isn't too pale but isn't too bright either  
Lemon Sherbet - This really does look like Lemon Sherbet! Yummy! But the colour does change slightly the more coats you use
Here's what they look like on (apologises for blurry photos).
Mint Choc Chip

Fairy Cake

Lemon Sherbet

So the colours are gorgeous but what about the actual nail polishes themselves? 

I needed to apply 2-3 thin coats of each colour,  as the first coat went on very unevenly - lots of streaks The second coat was usually enough to even out the coverage, but sometimes i needed a third.(you could try one thick coat but it takes ages to dry)   This leads me to the two bug bears i have with this product
1) The Brush: it's like a really cheap paintbrush that leaves streaks all over your wall. I find the bristles stick together and don't really spread out over the nails, and sometimes shed (only the odd bristle here and there, but most annoying) Overall, I really hate the brush
2) The size of the Product: You get 8mls for £2.99. Yes it's cheap, but it's not a lot of product and if you use 2-3 coats each time, you could go through these very quickly. But it's a great size  for travelling or if you never wear the same colour twice in a row
 Although i kept forgetting to put on a topcoat, the polish had a very slight shine to it, which i quite liked. 
It also does what it claims to do. It lasts for UP TO 5 days. I'm on day 5 and have 3 nails that haven't chipped at all, some have but only slightly (easily touched up) and only one that chipped badly. With a good topcoat it could last even longer. I should emphasise i applied thin coats and made sure each was dry before applying another one.

To sum up then, i think these are gorgeous colours which are perfect for the spring. Although the polish does go on unevenly, with 2-3 coats you get really good coverage, with a slight shine, that lasts for UP TO 5 days without chipping.and i would definitely recommend them.


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