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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Please support victims of bullying

Bullies. Most of us will have known a bully at some point in our life.  Maybe they bullied us,a friend or family member.Or maybe we were the bully or hung around with them. Maybe it was verbal abuse, physical, mental emotional or a combination. Maybe the bullying  didn't last long - or it went on for months even years.It could even be happening right now. It could have happened at school,work,home.
Or on the internet.
Sadly cyber bullying is on the increase at an alarming rate, especially on youtube because you can be totally annoymous.Now i just want to emphasize that i'm not talking about someone who has a different opinion to you, or the odd nasty comment like 'you are fat' etc.Thats a hater comment and all gurus (even the top ones) get them. The best thing to do is block them and dont respond. I am talking about people who will not leave you alone. They leave constant abuse on your channel,videos and even private messages.I have experienced it on youtube. It was so bad i had to report them to youtube to remove their channel - which was dedicated to hating me (i am not exagerating) and encouraged others to hate me. To say i was upset is an understatement. I cried and nearly deleated my channel there and then. But my hubby was very supportive (and angry) and i decided to make a video about it instead, I had lots of lovely encouraging comments that helped me move on.
Lately i have been getting some abusive comments (and messages) again. So i did another video about it.
This time though, i was able to tell people about a new channel on youtube called beating the bully
This channel offers support to anyone being bullied. So i thought i'd blog about it too, in case anyone reading this is being bullied.
I just want to say thanks to everyone who has left encouraging comments on my channel, videos and messages in response to my video I do appreciate it and encourage you to support victims of bullying however you can.
Lecture over, my next post will be makeup related honest!

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