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Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Factory Shop Haul - Goodies Galore

Hello ladies, hope you are all well. Just thought i would tell you about some fab make up i bought today from my favourite place for finding great make up, very cheap. The Factory Shop. Now just in case you don't know what the factory shop is, i'll tell you. It's basically a discount shop. They sell clothes, shoes,dvds cds hair appliances, houseware and of course MAKE UP!!!!!!!! i have gotten sooooo many fab bargains from there. In fact i would say 80% of my make up comes from there! Now i'm going to be honest (as always) They dont update their stock as regularly as some placses. So personally i don't think it's worth going there every weekl (unless you live nearby - we dont)  Also sometimes there is just a load of  rubbish. However, you can find some fab brands. Rimmel London, Urban Decay, Bourjois, Maybelline Calvin Kline, Revlon, Max Factor, W7 and lots more. But i never thought i'd see Jemma Kidd stuff in there  Yes thats right JEMMA KIDD.!!!!!! I couldn't believe it (top end brand much loved by Pixiwoo) Today i got a Midnight Jewels palette (picture below) for £5,

Face wipes for £1 (15 in a pack)

and  this lovely little wallet with 4 brushes. They have small handles but the brush heads are full size (cant remember how much)  So i got some for me and 1 of each for my youtube contest.

I also got 2 W7  77 Paintboxs for £6 each. I already own one(got it ages ago) so why did i buy them - for competitions of course! .  I also got 2 W7 Box Of Tricks for £4 each. and this mini W7 kit that had 2 eyeshadows and 3 mini lipglosses for

again i got them for future prizes.I also bought myself a couple of necklaces £6 the pair, a gorgrous bag  and cute earrings oh and two watches. I will post pictures, my camera 's batteries were dying so need to re charge them. Well thats it for now Take care everyone


  1. thous brushes look good nice case aswell :)

  2. They are lovely and the case looks sooooo expensive but it think it was about £3.00 Wish i'd stocked up on them.