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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Would you buy used make up?

I don't know about you, but when i was a teenager me and my friends shared our make up all the time, including eye liner, (which we used on our waterlines) and mascara. But as i've gotten older, i've become much more aware of the risk of getting eye infections and spreading bacteria etc if you do share make up.

Many gurus on youtube stress the importance of good hygiene and use hand sanitiser if applying products with their fingers.Any good make up artist will tell you how vital it is to clean your brushes regularly . They also use disposable brushes when working on more than one client at a time. So i was very surprised to see some of these same people selling USED make up!

Is it just me (and my hubby) who finds this a bit icky? I mean think about it, would you go into Boots etc and delibratly buy all the testers? Testers that may have been swatched on 20 peoples (possibly dirty) hands, or on lips that may have a coldsore? No you wouldnt (i hope) But would you be interested if i said i was selling some make up that had just been 'tested', 'swatched' or 'lightly used'? Because to me theres no difference.

 For instance i may say i have a concealer that has just been swatched, i.e i've put some on my hand. But what if my hands were dirty at the time. Or if i had actually tested it on a spot.If it has a sponge tip applicator whatever bacteria it came ito contact with, goes straight into the rest of the concealer. Next time it's used, the bacteria will be spread. If it's a pan concealer & i used my finger or dirty brush, to apply it on a spot, then put my finger back into the concealer - same thing happens.

As for something being 'lightly used' - what exactly does that mean? It could have been used ten times on ten different people, or 20 times on one person. But even if it was only used once, that one person could have had an eye or skin infection.If they used a dirty brush, sponge etc, it could have spread bacteria in the product.

Now i don't mean to insult anyone who has bought, or sold, used make up, I just want to open up this subject to discussion, because i have had numerous request to send or sell my used make up to some of my teenager youtube subscribers and i dont think they have even thought about hygeine. If you have any tips for sanatising used  make up please let me know.Once again i dont mean to offend anybody and am deeply sorry if i have.xx