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Monday, 5 October 2009

Coming Soon

I wore this look in a video a while ago, and had so many requests that i did a tutorial for it. Unfortunately, i managed to delete it before i uploaded it! But the photos came out great (i use a different camera for photos) so thought i'd show you some. The colours are much richer in real life and very glittery Let me know if you would like a picture tutorial for this look, here on my blog. I hope to post the video tutorial on youtube in the next few days


  1. That's a very beautiful look :), I'll probably be trying something similar. Thanks ^_^!

  2. Thanks Chris, glad you like it. Would love to see your look when you do it

  3. This is beautiful, I'd love to see a video tutorial xx

  4. Thanks Lucy the tutorial should be posted on youtube sometime next week