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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Ow, that hurts

I am in absolute agony at the minute. Why? Because the other day a chunk came out of my tooth!!! It had been playing up for a few days, but as i am petrified of dentists, i was hoping it would sort itself out. BIG MISTAKE!!! Now it is extremly painful when i swallow as my glands have swollen. Am hoping to get an appointment asap. Hubby has just gone to pick up some strong painkillers, then it's off to the factory shop and maybe Boots to cheer myself up with some goodies. Before i go, one quick question Are you afraid of dentists?


  1. ouch! hope u get it sorted out soon teeth pain is a nightmare lol
    im scared o dentists or really enything ti do with doctors aswell haha

    i got a ysl mascara in the factory shop the other day was 10 pound but i got it for 8 wi ma pals discount hehe , they had summ eyeshodows n that aswell was surprised ,
    i got them jemma kidd make up brushes u got in the gold case there so cute , i havent tryed them thou yet lol

  2. Hey hun, i went to drs AND dentist today.It's a tooth infection so am now on antibiotics.I have never seen any YSL stuff in Factory shop, am very jealous lol. I havent used my jemma kidd brushes either - they look so nice i dont want to mess them up!

  3. i tryd the wee kabuki" brush fi the jemma kid set 4 my blush and it feels nice n soft,ah least u got summing to try make it better :)
    they had a few w7 pallets aswell we have sum pretty good stuff in this time lol