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Monday, 28 September 2009

I'm watching Make Me A Supermodel US i looooooove it. They are down to 4 contestants and theres only one girl left. But i think Sandhurst or Jonathan should win. They seem nice blokes and make me laugh. Then it's Americas Next Top Model. Yes it's cycle 12 and i am still hooked on it. I love seeing how photoshoots are put together and what make up/clothes they are wearing.Tonight is the best episode of every season - the make overs. Oh i do love seeing what crazy hairstyles Tyra has decided each girl should have . Lets face it - sometimes she really gets it wrong. Some of the girls reactions are priceless. I can understand getting your waist length hair chopped off into a Halle Berry crop could be a bit of an unpleasant shock. But crying hysterically for ages sobbing 'i miss my hair' ' i look like a boy' i mean c'mon! They are having their hair done for free by top hairdressers (if there are any top hairdressers reading this who would like to  give me a free haircut, please get in touch) They want to be successful models, a job that requires them  to be versitile, a chameleon. This means changing hairstyles, hair colour etc again and again. The show is in it's 12th series (13 in USA) so these girls know what to expect when makeover time comes. I do think they sometimes dont appreciate the opportunities they are given.I bet there are a lot of models out there who have sacrificed alot, worked hard and struggle to get work, and then these girls come along get all these photoshoots, work with people who are the at the top of the industry and moan about it. (as well as living rent free in a luxury house)
Well thats it for now. Take care people


  1. heya thanks for following.. im new to all this.. i love watching you on youtube your amazing :):) , i want to start doing this because im not the prettiest of girls but i love makeup and the beauty community is amazing :):) i guess you have found out to do the blog layout it looks amazing btw :) xxxx

  2. You are welcome hun, i feel a bit lost on here, i have no idea what on earth im doing!I clicked on the shabby blogs link on your blog.I havent heard of them before but glad i checked them out. Take care babe and thanks for all the nice comments