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Monday, 28 September 2009

I'm watching Make Me A Supermodel US i looooooove it. They are down to 4 contestants and theres only one girl left. But i think Sandhurst or Jonathan should win. They seem nice blokes and make me laugh. Then it's Americas Next Top Model. Yes it's cycle 12 and i am still hooked on it. I love seeing how photoshoots are put together and what make up/clothes they are wearing.Tonight is the best episode of every season - the make overs. Oh i do love seeing what crazy hairstyles Tyra has decided each girl should have . Lets face it - sometimes she really gets it wrong. Some of the girls reactions are priceless. I can understand getting your waist length hair chopped off into a Halle Berry crop could be a bit of an unpleasant shock. But crying hysterically for ages sobbing 'i miss my hair' ' i look like a boy' i mean c'mon! They are having their hair done for free by top hairdressers (if there are any top hairdressers reading this who would like to  give me a free haircut, please get in touch) They want to be successful models, a job that requires them  to be versitile, a chameleon. This means changing hairstyles, hair colour etc again and again. The show is in it's 12th series (13 in USA) so these girls know what to expect when makeover time comes. I do think they sometimes dont appreciate the opportunities they are given.I bet there are a lot of models out there who have sacrificed alot, worked hard and struggle to get work, and then these girls come along get all these photoshoots, work with people who are the at the top of the industry and moan about it. (as well as living rent free in a luxury house)
Well thats it for now. Take care people

Sunday, 27 September 2009


Hi guys this is just to let you know i will be holding a make up competition on you tube within the next week There will be 3 winners and the prizes will include products from Jemma Kidd, Rimmel London, Boots 17, Revlon and more.I will post the rules etc and a link to the competition video here as soon as i start the contest.
Speaking of contests here are links to 2 great giveaways on here, that i have entered, so go check them out if you can
Take care people

Smashbox Haul

Hi guys hope you are all ok. I thought i'd just show you the Smashbox goodies i got from last week. This website stocks quite a few different brands (most of which i haven't heard of). It also has the largest and most upto date range of Smashbox products i am aware of (in the UK). Even better they have a sale on at the moment, which is why i snapped these bargins up. As you can see they came in a lovely bag (as always) which always makes me feel special.You also get a  free sample sachet, in this case i got a Smashbox photo finish primer - which i love. So let me show you what i bought


and Modella (below)

Are these cute or what?! I have only tried the Modella one and have to say i was a bit dissapointed because the colours are much more subtle on, than they look in the quad.They are pretty though and quite shimmery.
I bought them as a set for under £11, but you can buy them seperately.


                                                    Rainforest Trio,

These eyeshadows (and the box) are beautiful. Especially the green. They blend easily and are well pigmented. The browns are perfect for a smokey eye or pair the green with the lighter brown for a fresh funky look. I'm sorry i forgot to do swatches, will try to do some and add them here later. I will be doing tutorials with all of these products on my youtube channe
Last, but by no means least, we have the Muse Artist Eye Palette.

This palette has 10 rich shadows, arranged in co-ordinating pairs,but are versatile enough to mix and match to your hearts content. Green and purple is an unusual, but oh so pretty combination. The brush is lovely and quite large.I would use it to apply a base colour from lashline to brow, as it's too large to blend with or for precision work (in my opinion).

If you spend over £35 you get a free gift. The gift changes every few weeks i got a Smashbox lip crayon in Best Actress (you can pick from 4 shades) which is a sort of peachy neutral shade.
If you want me to post picture tutorials with any of these products, or if you have a request just leave a comment. Thats it for now, like  i said i will do some swatches and add them to this post. Also, i will do a video hual on youtube featuring these products, and will post the link in this entry too.
Well thats it for now, take care xxx

Thursday, 17 September 2009

I'm hooked!

OK it's official  am 100% hooked on Blush - the search for the next great make up artist. It's on a channel called Really at 9pm (bst) It's been on for the past 3 nights and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! as you can imagine my husband isnt quite as interested (though he does watch the end bit where they judge the the contestants work) Now i have to say some of the work they have done - not so good (considering they are proffesionals) In fact a couple of the womens own make up looks a bit dodgy at times. Which i find quite reassuring (just shows even proffesionals with years of experiance get it wrong sometimes too) But some of their work is gorgeous. I like the show because you do see that they dont always know what to do, that they cant always do what is asked of them.That they doubt themselves just like the rest of us (well me anyway) It also helps you understand that, yes some Make Up Artists may work with celebrities or do lots of fashion shoots, movies etc.But most MUPs wont. They may work in salons, photography studios (for makeovers, portraits ) theater or freelance and do a bit of everything. Some MUPs may have constant work, others may have dry spells (like a woman in the program who sometimes didnt know if she would be able to pay her rent because of lack of work) It's a competitive industry and being 'good' with make up isnt always enough.
But hey, thats just my opinion and i am not an MUP. Take care all. My next post will be a Smashbox haul.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Hi all, hope you are well. Me and hubby are under the weather.All snuffly and feeling sorry for ourselves. I'm watching yet another repeat of Friends on E4. We have all the episodes on dvd but i still watch them on tv. I NEVER get bored with them. I know a lot of the lines by heart and am always joining in with them. It's just perfect chill out tv when there's nothing else on.
I'm looking forward to a new program about make up artists thats on Really (sky channel)  It looks like Americas Next Top Model - but for make up artists!
So, back to make up. I have been trying to come up with a look for a make up contest i wanted to enter on youtuube (and driving myself crazy in the process) It took 4 attempts but finally got one i was reasonably happy with.  I used  a Maybelline stick foundation, then applied a Rimmel cream eyeshadow over it, blending it with my fingers.
 Next i patted a Stargazer white eyeshadow all over my face, with a sponge.
 I used a Sleek eye pencil to draw a pattern over the top half of my face.I started one side, did the other then decided to join the two up. It was completely free hand, i wasnt copying a picture and didnt use a stencil or anything. i just let my imagination go wild.The  Sleek liner didnt  show up very well, so i used a W7 Turqouise Sparkle Stik over it. Finally i applied Collection 2000 Glam Crystal in Pow over the pencil. This added a really pretty sparkly effect.
I used the Sleek liner to out line and fill my lips in,then applied Kiddie Pool over it (light blue Urban Decay eyeshadow with glitter) Heres the finished look.
I have to admit this look doesnt work very well in photos.The white base looks quite harsh and the glitter does not show. In real life, this looked very pretty, sparkly and the white lookeed soft and contrasted with the blue beautifuly (which is why i did it). If you want to see the video here's the link
I will be entering at least another two contests in the next week . I will try and do them as photo tutorials on my blog & video tutorials on Youtube.
Well the program about make up artists is now on so i will say bye for now. Take care guys

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Upcoming contests & tutorials on my youtube channel

Hi guys this is just to let you know i will be hosting a Youtube Nail Art contest, sponsered by Migi nail art. I am sooo excited. So be sure to check out my channel on September 5th. The format will be quite different to my normal contests so be sure to watch the contest video AND read the rules on my channel from Sept 5th. There will be 3 prizes. I will be posting the details here too.
I'm a beginner at nail art and am not very good, but will be practising as i will be doing some videos.
I will be doing a couple of requested back to school make up video tutorials. One will be a natural look, the other a soft pink and blue look I will do picture tutorials of both looks here on my blog.
I will be doing another make up contest too, and am thinking of holding one just on my blog. Let me know if you want me to do that.
I will also be reviewing my favourite mascaras, eyeshadow palettes,make up brushes and much more.Again i will post my reviews and pictures on here too.
Well thats it for now, if you want me to do some picture tutorials or reviews etc on here just leave a comment.
Take care guys