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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Time to catch up!

Hey guys, hope you are all well. I know i havent posted anything in ages, but things have been tough the last couple of months. My husbands depression has been extremely bad (mine isnt great either) and our panic attacks have been horrendous so haven't been out much at all. I lost interest in doing videos for my youtube channel - just didnt feel like putting make up on. Fortunately i had a couple of videos that i had already done, so i posted them instead.

My subscribers have been great through this difficult time, which i am so grateful for. At one point i nearly closed my youtube account, but i had so many messages of support that i changed my mind.

Things are still difficult My husbands medication is about to be changed, which is always tough for the first few weeks. So we are trying to prepare for that. We also just found out that our GP is leaving. Its so hard to find a doctor who really understands depression,panic attacks and how they affect every aspect of daily life. We finally get a doctor who we can open up to and he leaves! (this has happened to us before.Oh dear, maybe it's us lol)

Enough of that, lets talk make up!

It was our 6th wedding anniversary last month and my hubby got me some fab make up including this gorgeous Too Faced Smokey Eye palette. The shadows are split into 3 looks. The top row has neautral colours to create a day smokey eye. The middle row has a gorgeous green and blue, teamed with a neutral highlight colour. to create a fashion smokey eye. The bottom row has silver black and a charcoal colour for a classic smokey eye.

You also get 3 cards that have pictures of the finished look, as well as brief, simple written instructions. Personally i don't think the instructions quite match up to the pictures, so i tend to work from the pictures.

Too Faced eye shadows are well pigmented, easy to blend and long wearing. So although they are more expensive than drugstore brands, you really do get what you pay for.

I also got a Too Faced Pink Diamond palette
(i cant remember the exact name) This is a really cute gift set. The eyeshadows are small, but very pretty and not as intense as they look. The lip colours are quite large and pretty but they wont last long on your lips

There are 2 eyebrow powders (brown duo under the green and white shadows). This kit has a lot of shimmer products, so steer clear if you are not a fan of shimmer.

He also got me this AMAZING Smashbox Ultimate Palette. It is truely magnificent. Here is a photo of the 70 eyeshadows.

These are beautiful, neutral shadows. There are lots of browns to choose from, but you also have dusky rose shades, silvers and icy blues. You can create a natural look for the day and a smokey look for the evening

But wait, theres more! You also get 6 eye brow powders & wax to groom them. 8 cream eyeliners, 4 large lip colours, 8 large lip glosses (sheerer than the lip colours) bronzer, blusher and 2 shimmery powders that can be used on the top of your cheekbones,under your brows, on the collar bone etc + 4 mini brushes

I cannot express how amazing this palette is, or how much i love it. This is so versatile and perfect for anyone who loves make up. It isnt as big as you might expect but all the products are really good sizes. It is also much more affordable than you might think. It costs about £35. It may sound a lot but remember you are getting 70 eyeshadows,12 lip colours, brow products and face products.
Smashbox are renowned within the beauty industry, because of their top quality products. Again they can be pricey, so it's much cheaper to buy one of their kits. has the best range of Smashbox products i've seen. (its where this palette came from) You get a free sample sachet with your orders (usually a smashbox primer) and a free gift with any order over £35 (not including postage) You can get free delivery, but i cant remember how much your order has to be worth to qualify for this.
Well i think i will leave it there for now. I will be updating my blog much more frequently as i have lots of products i want to talk about and more looks to show you.
Take care people