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Thursday, 17 September 2009

I'm hooked!

OK it's official  am 100% hooked on Blush - the search for the next great make up artist. It's on a channel called Really at 9pm (bst) It's been on for the past 3 nights and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! as you can imagine my husband isnt quite as interested (though he does watch the end bit where they judge the the contestants work) Now i have to say some of the work they have done - not so good (considering they are proffesionals) In fact a couple of the womens own make up looks a bit dodgy at times. Which i find quite reassuring (just shows even proffesionals with years of experiance get it wrong sometimes too) But some of their work is gorgeous. I like the show because you do see that they dont always know what to do, that they cant always do what is asked of them.That they doubt themselves just like the rest of us (well me anyway) It also helps you understand that, yes some Make Up Artists may work with celebrities or do lots of fashion shoots, movies etc.But most MUPs wont. They may work in salons, photography studios (for makeovers, portraits ) theater or freelance and do a bit of everything. Some MUPs may have constant work, others may have dry spells (like a woman in the program who sometimes didnt know if she would be able to pay her rent because of lack of work) It's a competitive industry and being 'good' with make up isnt always enough.
But hey, thats just my opinion and i am not an MUP. Take care all. My next post will be a Smashbox haul.