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Friday, 19 March 2010

Guess which beauty guru i met yesterday?

Well after my shopping spree (see previous post) me and my hubby went to grab a bit of lunch. Now this was a major achievement as we haven't been able to have a meal out (due to panic attacks) for  2-3 years. But i'd had my hair done and was feeling quite good. so we decided to take advantage of it and popped in Costa Coffee. No sooner had we sat down with our lunch,did i  notice a rather familiar face heading towards the next table. After a few surreptitious glances, just to be sure (during which my husband thought i'd lost the plot)  i finally managed to pluck up the courage to say hello to the lovely, professional make up artist, youtube beauty guru and blogger ( also  a model in some of Pixiwoo's tutorials) TANYA BURR aka PIXI2WOO.)  It was slightly surreal to say the least and although i kept the conversation brief (i didn't want to intrude on her lunch) i am pleased to say she seemed just as lovely in person as she does in her videos.And just as pretty. I must admit i did sit there thinking 'what does my make up look like, is my eyeliner half way down my face etc lol.
So next time you are out and about, just keep your eyes peeled.You never know you just may spot one of your favourite gurus


  1. i'm beautyforhire at youtube and loved ur vids . that was really nice that you meet her that is superkool. Im from NYC and just love looking out for people from tv. But not has that happened take care Darling and keep ur youtube rolling :)

  2. Wow! Lucky you hehe :)
    PS: Congrats on going out together, you are really a true inspiration!xx

  3. Thanks Ellie i really appreciate that kind comment:)

  4. Hi Denise, it was cool meeting her, just wish we hadn't been eating, so i could have had a proper chat. Let me know if you ever see anyone from tv.I will be posting more vids in next few days yay!