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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Hi all, hope you are well. Me and hubby are under the weather.All snuffly and feeling sorry for ourselves. I'm watching yet another repeat of Friends on E4. We have all the episodes on dvd but i still watch them on tv. I NEVER get bored with them. I know a lot of the lines by heart and am always joining in with them. It's just perfect chill out tv when there's nothing else on.
I'm looking forward to a new program about make up artists thats on Really (sky channel)  It looks like Americas Next Top Model - but for make up artists!
So, back to make up. I have been trying to come up with a look for a make up contest i wanted to enter on youtuube (and driving myself crazy in the process) It took 4 attempts but finally got one i was reasonably happy with.  I used  a Maybelline stick foundation, then applied a Rimmel cream eyeshadow over it, blending it with my fingers.
 Next i patted a Stargazer white eyeshadow all over my face, with a sponge.
 I used a Sleek eye pencil to draw a pattern over the top half of my face.I started one side, did the other then decided to join the two up. It was completely free hand, i wasnt copying a picture and didnt use a stencil or anything. i just let my imagination go wild.The  Sleek liner didnt  show up very well, so i used a W7 Turqouise Sparkle Stik over it. Finally i applied Collection 2000 Glam Crystal in Pow over the pencil. This added a really pretty sparkly effect.
I used the Sleek liner to out line and fill my lips in,then applied Kiddie Pool over it (light blue Urban Decay eyeshadow with glitter) Heres the finished look.
I have to admit this look doesnt work very well in photos.The white base looks quite harsh and the glitter does not show. In real life, this looked very pretty, sparkly and the white lookeed soft and contrasted with the blue beautifuly (which is why i did it). If you want to see the video here's the link
I will be entering at least another two contests in the next week . I will try and do them as photo tutorials on my blog & video tutorials on Youtube.
Well the program about make up artists is now on so i will say bye for now. Take care guys


  1. Wow! That looks amazing - did you spend ages on it?
    Really great - you have definately got a chance in winning I would say :)
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Love Lucy xx
    P.S I'm a complete friends nerd too!!

  2. I wanted to comment on your look and say "You look Marvelous Darling"
    I'm not much of a blogger but decided to create an account because i am a reader and a subscriber to your YouTube. I wanted to show you some support for your blog site. I think your doing a beautiful job. So keep up the great work.
    Signing Off from sunny California!!!!

  3. Hi Lucy, yes it did take me ages. But it was worth it because i really got into it. I hope it's good enough. I really want to win something - anything lol.Have been ill today but my Smashbox goodies came today so that cheered me up. I will be doing a vid about them on youtube and post some pics on here in next couple of days Take care

  4. Well hello Allie in sunny Calofornnia. I am so glad you like my entry and i appreciate you following my blog so so much my lovely. I look forward to hearing from you soon and keeep your eyes peeled for my Smashbox haul vid on youtube and pics on here.
    Take care hun