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Friday, 31 July 2009

Bad Bad Day

Woo hoo my second entry in one week - im on fire lol. Ok this could be a long one so get yourself a beverage of your choice and get comfy.

About a month ago my husband was referred to a consultant psychiatrist, because his depression had deteriated very quickly and the doctor was unsure what to do about his medication (he has been on a lot of different anti depressants, that havent worked). The psychiatrist was great and wanted to change the medication and see my husband again. Unfortunately, he never sent the information to our doctor, so my husbands medication stayed the same, his depression got even worse and the panic attacks were horrific. We tried to get in cotact with him but he was on holiday! We went back to the doctor twice - both times the doctor was ill so he had to see a locum who was useless. Anyway, yesterday we had to see the psychiatrist again. I felt really ill and my husband self harmed while i was asleep, which wasnt the nicest way to start the day. It took me ages to calm him down so by the time we got there i was struggling to keep it together.

We arrived early and were told to wait in a small room. My husband started getting very anxious.

Time ticked on.

Then this bloke who also had an appointment with the same

psychiatrist came in. He was quite agitated and wouldnt sit down, the room was very small so we couldnt move away, this was making my husband VERY anxious and at one point i thought he was going to leg it. Then this blokes girlfriend came in and she wouldnt sit down either and then they kept standing in front of the door which was quite intimidating.Well i had too drag my hubby back to reception just to make sure the psychiatrist knew we were there (this was 40 mins After our appointment should have started) and guess what? The women who signed us in didnt tell anyone we were there!

At this point the psychiatrist pitched up - with loads of files - to see the other bloke! By now my husband was extremely anxious and it was taking everything i had to keep him there and try to calm him down. Everyone was very apologetic and they made us a cup of tea while we waited to see him. The funny thing was this women who was something to do with therepy, heard my husbands name and came in to see us. Turns out she had sent us a letter about the possibility of therepy, but my hubby hadnt been up to phoning her. So we were able to book an appointment there and then for my husband to be assessed.

My husband broke down a couple of times when we saw the psychiatrist, so i was trying to comfort him, whilst keeping myself together. Basically hubby is now on new medication and we have to go back in a month.

We went to see my mum afterwards, then he had a doctors appointment in the afternoon. By the time we got home i started crying.

I think one of the hardest things to make other people understand, is how emotionally, mentally and physically draining it can be, living with some one who has severe depression and panic attacks. Because mine are bad too, it's even worse. But at least we understand what each other is going through.

On a different subject, i posted a tutorial last night on youtube. Here's the link

I used 2 Beautylicious eye pigments. The purple on the lid is called Majesty and the blue on the crease is Paradise. I am thinking of buying them as they are beautiful colours. (i was sent 6 free, small samples)
I used a Sleek glitter liner in Diablo (think ive spelt it wrong!) It's a beautiful vibrant colour, but does not apply well. Collection 2000 does a similair coloured Glam Crystal liner called Dancing Queen, which applies much better.
Well i think thats about it for now. Oh, i just discovered i had a couple of comments on my posts, how do i reply to them?
Take care and check out my youtube channel for makeup tutorials and reviews.

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